Why enroll

Why enroll

Our associates benefit from:

  • A network of contacts and support to your actions

BBA members span from large industry players, SME’s and Start ups, top R&D centres and universities, legal and market consulting firms, to branding and marketing players.

  • Promotion and dissemination of your successes

One of BBA’s goals is to foster knowledge exchange and market intelligence, and we are proud of the achievements of our associates with gladly share them within our network and in our events.

  • Central lobbying for the marine bioresources and blue tech sectors

We interact with key players at the national and EU levels to foster all subsectors of the blue bioresources value chain and promote our associates and their business.

  • Discounts to participate in international conferences and business conventions

As an example, our associates have participated in former BioMarine conventions with a reduced registration cost (the discount equals several years of BBA associate fees)

  • Funding scanning and application

We send regular updates about R&D&I competitive funding calls.

  • Free legal support from the law firms partnering with BBA

All associated benefit from a number of free consultation hours per year with our associate law firms.

  • Other customized services

We organize knowledge to business initiatives, support services to entrepreneurs, technological screening and matching with R&D groups, optimize strategies for promotion and dissemination of your results, financial procurement support, among many others.