Media & Communication Manager



BlueBio Alliance opens an international call to hire a Media & Communication Manager in exclusivity and full-time.


Blue Bioeconomy Innovation Pact is supported by Next Generation EU funds. The overall project focuses on supporting and embracing the challenge of reindustrializing Portuguese industries through the integration of blue biotech solutions in value chains, leveraging the sustainable use of marine bioresources to increase added value through decarbonizing innovation.

The Blue Bioeconomy Innovation Pact aims to bring the Ocean to shelves by investing in seven sectors: biomaterials applications, bivalves production, marine-based textiles, sustainability in the food sector; scale-up of algae production; circular feed solutions and bioinformatics for the fishing sector. In addition, three transversal initiatives overarching aim at accelerating the development and commercialization of products and services of the sector:  the Portuguese Blue Biobanks network, a digital platform for the valorization of marine co-products, and promotion of startups and SMEs’ growth and internationalization.

The Pact is a cross-cutting investment plan focused on adding value to national industries through the development, integration, and creation of sustainable innovative solutions. It meets the growing interest from companies and consumers to actively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contributes to the EU Green Deal goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

Position Overview

BlueBio Alliance (BBA) is looking for a Media & Communication Manager for communication planning and execution of the communication strategy in accordance with the organization’s mission and vision.

Ideally, BBA is looking for a candidate who has already gained professional experience in developing and managing communication strategies, background knowledge and/or experience in working with marine topics, and especially science-business-policy communication is regarded as a key asset.

A key part of this role will be to manage project communication needs and disclose to make a positive contribution to the project´s success, working directly with media and other institutions representing the blue economy sector.

Primary responsibilities will include the creation of a communication strategy plan during the entire project execution period, collection and selection of relevant information to disseminate, and establish official and institutional communications with the institutions operating in the blue economy sector (SMEs, R&D centers, NGO’s, Foundations, large companies and individual innovative actors) by working with them to identify relevant dissemination needs. Overseeing the implementation of both internal and external communication strategies, her/his duties include managing external communication channels like social media platforms, company websites, and media relations, writing copy for company newsletters or memos, and adhering to a company’s brand by publishing content and marketing materials.

Specific functions of the role will include:

  1.  Stimulate/accelerate the strategy of Business Communication, Digital Marketing, and Media Management;
  2. Regular contact with Media for public relation activities ensuring relevant information is published;
  3. Graphic and Multimedia objects creation;
  4. Write letters, press releases, and speeches following organizational news;
  5. Communicate with media and journalists and create press kits;
  6. Coordination of marketing materials;
  7. Implementation, follow-up and clipping of the communication plan;
  8. Provide reports of campaign execution, data analysis, and key performance indicators;
  9. Perform communications research and monitor the progress of communication strategy.

 Starting applications: 8th November
Closing application date: 30th November
Type: Full-time
Location: Portugal, Europe
Starting date: January 2023

Work Plan Activities

The work falls within the scope of leading activities of BlueBio Alliance:

  1. Management and execution of the internal/external communication strategy;
  2. Interoperability;
  3. Support for carrying out dissemination actions at national, European, and international levels;
  4. Participation in events and work meetings related to the activities.
Start Date and Workplace

The full-time employment contract is expected to start in January 2023 and will last only for the necessary execution period of the work plan previously described, which is estimated to have a predicted duration of 24 (twenty-four) months, until 31-12-2024. The work will be developed remotely and in person according to the necessary locations for its execution.

Application process

Please fulfill the form with the documents:

  1. Motivation Letter in English;
  2. Detailed CV in English;
  3. Relevant portfolio.

All candidates will be notified by email.

Admitted and excluded candidates list and final classification list it will be available for consultancy.