The bioresources Value Chain

The blue bioresources value chain is a complex one, as the marine bioresources can serve as raw material for a wide variety of market applications, but can also be themselves the final product. BLUEBIO ALLIANCE defines the biomarine resources value chain as the one depicted in the figure below, comprising not only the central value chain (from raw material to final blue product and services) but also the supporting value chain – financing, legal and marketing, public entities and governmental stakeholders, without which the main value chain would not function properly.
The blue bioresources value chain integrates all stakeholders ranging from the ones that  collect the bioresource from the water, to the raw material producers, R&D units that generate new knowledge on blue bioresources, to biotech start-ups and SMEs that innovate and generate new blue applications and blue products, to the transformation, processing and manufacturer entities and up to the final consumer product developers and distributors.


The blue biotechnology is a powerful tool that plays a major role in this value chain. Blue biotechnology is defined by OECD as: “The use of marine organisms as the source or the “factory” of useful and needed products and solutions for societies challenges.”